Progressive Electrics are able to offer the following services:

Fuse board / consumer unit replacement
Many properties contain outdated and unsafe fuse boards. Progressive Electrics are able to replace these with modern consumer units, which provide additional protection via their integrated RCDs, all of which comply with 18th Edition Wiring Regulations.

Full property rewires
Some properties contain very old electrical cable such as the Tough Rubber Sheathed (TRS) cable and Vulcanised Rubber Insulated (VRI) cable. The rubber insulation degrades over time and becomes dry and brittle.  Quite often clients are not aware of the condition of their electrical cables. Progressive Electrics are happy to inspect this for you, explain the condition and provide you with recommendations.

New / additional sockets
Along with historic cable in poor condition, many properties do not have sufficient circuits or socket outlets to cope with the number of electrical appliances clients wish to use. For example, a double socket to plug in your television and VCR was previously sufficient, however, with the onset of home media centres clients require more socket outlets not only for the television but also the Sky box, DVD and/or Blu-ray player, surround sound system etc.  Progressive Electrics are able to install additional circuits or, if there is capacity within the existing circuits, install additional socket outlets to meet the demands of the modern household.

New / additional lighting
Whether it is a light fitting replacement, additional lighting or a whole new lighting circuit, Progressive Electrics are able to discuss the various types of lighting available, including energy saving options and install the relevant lighting you desire.

Smoke alarm installation
Rather than relying solely on battery operated smoke alarms Progressive Electrics are able to install a mains operated smoke alarm system.

Installation of cooker circuits
Due to the high power usage of electric cookers and hobs it is often advisable to have the cooker on an independent circuit. Progressive Electrics are able to install a new cooker circuit and connect the cooker up to the circuit ensuring the switching is conveniently situated for easy operation.

Installation of electric shower circuits
Progressive Electrics are able to provide the electrical circuit for the new electric shower that your plumber is installing.

Installation of extractor fans
Many bathrooms suffer from mould and mildew due to insufficient ventilation. In some cases this can be rectified by installing an extractor fan to reduce the amount of moisture that remains in the bathroom. Progressive Electrics are able to install the relevant extractor fan suitable for your property.

Kitchen rewires
Kitchens and bathrooms are popular areas that clients look to modernise. Both of these require special consideration when designing and installing new electrical circuits, socket outlets, lighting etc. Progressive Electrics are able to provide expert advice on these areas, the options available and carry out the installation to meet your specifications.

Power and lighting to outbuildings
Whether it’s power to a shed, workshop, garage, greenhouse or  summer house. Progressive Electrics are able to advise you of the options available, design the relevant circuits and carry out the installation to meet your requirements.

Security lighting
Whether you want external lights you can control manually, that are on a timer or PIR (Passive Infrared) lighting which will come on automatically, Progressive Electrics are able to provide and install all of these.

Fault finding
Progressive Electrics also provide a fault finding service, however, some properties may have faults that owners are not aware of such as a broken ring final circuit. In this case the power at the socket outlets may still work but this could lead to a house fire due to excessive demand on the cable. Progressive Electrics are able to carry out an inspection on your existing circuits and advise you of the most appropriate course of action.

Replacing broken light fittings and sockets
Progressive Electrics are happy to even carry out small pieces of electrical work such as replacing a broken socket, light fitting or switch.

Local areas covered:

Based in East Grinstead, West Sussex Progressive Electrics often carry out work in the surrounding towns and villages such as Lingfield, Dormansland, Crawley, Hurst Green, Oxted, Edenbridge, Nutley, Crowborough, Redhill and Reigate. Most work Progressive Electrics Ltd undertakes is within a 20 mile radius of East Grinstead.